This is AMERICAN CONSPIRACY INFO. We got the DOT INFO domain so we can say INFO twice. That's how good our info is. 

American Conspiracy Info is run by me and my stepbrother Ned. Ned knows a lot of shit. He has a CB and a ham radio and a police scanner, and he is always listening to the latest HAPPENINGS. 

We don't get paid to do this. We should, and we would taken money if people would pay us to KEEP AMERICA SAFE from commie America-hating liberals. But even if we aren't paid, this is OUR DUTY.

We are vigilant. We know the government is trying to take our guns, turn us into queers, and pave the way for terrorists and Chinese and Russians and Mexicans to take our FREEDOM. 

You're here because you know that we know what they don't want us to know. Welcome to the Conspiracy. 

Our Story

My dad and my mom didn't work out too well, on account of my dad shooting her dead when she kept not making dinner right. Dad got a sweet deal and served very little time. 

He met my current stepmom and that's how I met my stepbrother Ned. Ever since then, we've been inseparable. Sure, we once had a fight over Mindy Anderson, but once we found out we were all blood, we thought Ned should get her because I got the last cousin. 

We are AMERICANS. We believe that guns aren't just our right, they are our obligation. We know you want to take our guns because you want to savage us. No way, though. We're not falling for it.












This is down here to see how vigilant you are. And you passed your first test. You can find secrets, just like we can. So we encourage YOU, dear sir, to keep coming back as NEW INFORMATION ON THE WAR ON WHITE AMERICA happens.